Learn Inbound Marketing,

Build Your Lead Gen Strategy

And Promote Your Business in 8 Weeks

A Marketing Strategy and Group Mentoring Programme

for self-learner entrepreneurs and small business owners, driven by social impact

If you have questions, email me at mindfulmarketing@ceciledhour.com

Do you want to optimise your Marketing and Lead Generation Strategy for your business?

This mentoring programme is more than just an online course; I will act as your marketing accountability partner, guiding you in building and understanding your lead generation strategy.

You’ll benefit from the peer-to-peer dynamic of the group as well as from three individual sessions with me. Sessions will always be followed by homework exercices to be completed in your handbook.

Maximum number of people: 7 to 10

We’ll spend two months together where I’ll give you the knowledge, inspiration and confidence to take your marketing and business to the next level.

Before the course, please make sure you have completed your market research and your business model, including your business goals, your competitor benchmark and your buyer persona.

  • 3 one-to-one sessions with me.
  • 5 group training and brainstorming on digital marketing and growth
  • An online community with your own channel on Slack
  • Unlimited support via email
  • Learning from and with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Next session: September 2021

Who is the programme made for?

Solopreneurs and small businesses

with a desire to learn how to market their business on their own and who need the guidance of a professional to help them structure and prioritise their efforts.

Beginners to Intermediates in Marketing

You might have read blogs, watched youtube tutorials or even attended a course before, but you lacked the interaction with a consultant who could answer your questions and deliver personalised advice.

Driven by Social Impact

I am a strong believer in businesses being a force for good. My aim is for you to benefit from the passion and good intentions of everyone on the programme. The group will be made up of 6 to 8 other purpose-driven entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.


The programme will start with an individual session in week 1 for me to get to know you and really understand your need so I can then tailor the sessions with relevant and personalised examples.

For the programme to be truly effective, you need to be actively engaged. Listening to me during 1 hour won’t help much if you don’t apply what you’ve learned.

Therefore, after each one-hour weekly session, I will give you homework to complete before the next session. As part of the homework you will benchmark your competitors’ websites ; write a list of your main keywords for SEO purposes and create a list of topics to write about and much more.

And don’t worry, if you have questions, you’ll still have two other individual sessions with me on week 4 and 8, plus access to the community on slack and unlimited support via email with me during the whole length of the course.

Time for Q&A  after each session

Finally, the benefits of having the course delivered live is that you’ll be able to ask your questions during the Q&A time slot allocated at the end of each session.

I will keep the group under 10 people so that everyone will have the time to ask their questions and get personalised answers. If you are more comfortable with writing rather than speaking, I will also offer email support during the course.


Book a Free Call With Me

This free 30-minute call will help me to identify areas where you feel stuck or to discuss your goals.

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Register and Book Your Place

Book your place for the upcoming session or register your interest for the next one if it's full.

Book Time in Your Diary

The course is made of one hour weekly mandatory sessions, likely to take place in the evenings on Wednesdays or Thursdays

Detailed programme of the course

Week 1 - Individual sessions - 60 minutes

We'll start the week with an individual session where you can explain to me where your business is at and discuss your main goals and challenges. This session will help me get a better understanding of the group so I can tailor the course and examples accordingly, for everyone's benefit.

Note: your market research should be completed at this stage. If not, you'll receive resources to help you do so after your registration.

Week 2 - Customer journey and marketing funnels - 90 minutes

Roudtable presentations

The three stages of a funnel

How to drive traffic

How to capture data

How to nurture and convert with emailing

>> Homework: Your own marketing funnel

Week 3 - Branding and Content - 60 minutes

What is branding

The 4 types of Marketing Messages

The 6 roles of Content Marketing

>> Homework: Choose your topics and list your content ideas

Week 4 - Individual session - 60 minutes

Catching up on your progress and private consultancy for your business.

Week 5 - Building a content calendar - 60 minutes

Defining your main topics

List your key dates

Building your mix

>> Build your own calendar

Week 6 - About SEO and Organic Ranking - 60 minutes

SEO basics

Blogging for SEO

How to rank for your keywords

>> Choose your top keywords

Week 7 - About Paid advertising and PPC - 90 minutes

Facebook / Insta vs LinkedIn vs Google Ads

Targeting by demographics

Targeting by keywords


>> Finalise your Marketing Funnel and start delivering!

Week 8 - Individual sessions - 60 minutes

Wrapping up with a look at your workbook, discussing your now existing marketing strategy and addressing your last questions. You're now ready and more confident to promote your business online!

Total cost for the 8-week course: £399

Next session: September 2021

If you have questions, email me at mindfulmarketing@ceciledhour.com


I can highly recommend Cécile for any project, big or small, that may need help, advice and expertise in terms of Marketing. She is fast at adapting to the market in which the client works, suggests and is always open to help in anything required to achieve the desired objective. She has extensive knowledge in various marketing forms and platforms and I look forward to keeping her work in our company in the future.

Ilai Spiezak

Founder of UPSTAGE Creative

Cécile has been the marketing consultant for the Wellbeing in Schools Movement since I set it up as a business. Her energy, professionalism, expertise and management skills have been such an asset to our startup and her dedication and passion for her work has resulted in increasing the visibility of WinS, successfully completing a crowdfunding campaign and delivering a comprehensive marketing strategy with a real understanding of our audience and the market we were entering.

Alice Brown

Founder of the Wellbeing in Schools Movement